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‘Wootton Courtenay: Memories of WWII’
will be on sale from Wednesday 6th May

The village volume, Wootton Courtenay: Memories of WWII, to which so many villagers contributed so interestingly, has been printed and bound, and will be available from the Villagers’ Stores on and after Wednesday 6th May, ready for the 75th Anniversary of the End in Europe of the Second World War on Friday 8th May.

Thanks to kind sponsorship from willing villagers and supportive businesses, over 75% of the production costs of our high quality 220-page illustrated book have been covered and we are able to offer it for sale at the remarkable price of £5.00 – unless you wish to pay more.  We hope that because of the generosity of the sponsors, villagers will, if they wish, be able to buy several books for family and friends.

Here are the front and back covers of our A5 book.  The front cover is the work of Gabrielle Horrobin, and the back cover of David Jessop: both are members of the Wootton Courtenay Art Group.

Picture 33          Picture 34

The Committee reiterates its very grateful thanks to the Sponsors, who have made this printing run of 500 books possible.   The sale of the first 100 books will cover final costs and the income from further volumes will be donated to the Air Ambulance, on which this village and many others depend.


  1. Andy has kindly offered to sell the book through the shop. Volunteers will deliver your order
  2. Please order your books by phoning or emailing Andy ( 841582 or andy@gilesy.com ). If you have a prepaid account with Andy, he will deduct the cost from your balance.
  3. If you do not have an account with Andy please pay the volunteers in cash or by cheque (placed in an envelope for Covid safety) made payable to Villagers’ Stores.
  4. If posting beyond the village is necessary, an extra charge will be made to cover that.

If you require further information or have difficulties in buying a copy, please contact Peter Clapham on 841578 or Roger Carrick on 841060 who will be pleased to help.


Picture 35