Easter Garden Around the Yew Tree

A Symbol of Hope

We have all had a difficult and unsettling year, but the future is beginning to look a little brighter. Easter’s focus is on hope and new life and, after the darkness of Covid, lockdown and shielding, we would like to use Easter Day and the Easter Garden to help us all turn our hearts and minds to new beginnings. An Easter Garden traditionally tells the story of Good Friday and Easter Day, and building it around the yew tree is symbolic because the tree was planted at the time of an earlier pandemic – the Black Death in the fourteenth century. The plan is that the Easter Garden will be blessed on Easter Day at 11am. Everybody is invited to bring symbols of hope to this short ceremony: more information about this will be posted later.

After the blessing of the Easter Garden, there will be an Easter Service in Church, to which you are invited. If you prefer to leave after the blessing of the Easter Garden this will be fine. In all of this, we will have to conform to current Covid safety guidelines.

The Easter Garden will be constructed in the week leading up to Easter Day and you are invited to be part of this. It would be lovely if you could bring along small flowers which can be placed amongst the ivy already around the yew tree, to make a bank of flowers running up to the tomb in the Easter Garden. You could:

– Pot up small spring flowers from your garden, such as primroses, grape hyacinths, etc, into small black or dark green pots. This would need to be done now to give the plants time to recover and flower again.
– Bring along very small pots, jars, vases with small cut flowers.
– Purchase a very small pot of a spring flowers, such as a primula or aubretia, from the garden centre. These are very inexpensive and the plants can be reclaimed after Easter.

Ideally, we would like these plants brought to the church on the Thursday 1st April (Maundy Thursday), but after that date would still be fine. Ro Hoyte (841162) will be overseeing the Easter Garden, so please speak with her if you have any questions or ideas. We will share our suggestions about the symbols of hope in the coming weeks, but Easter is less than a month away and so plants and flowers need to be thought about and planned soon.

Let’s make this Easter a celebration of hope.

Brian Castle