Flowers for the Easter Garden

If you would like to contribute a pot (or two) of flowers for the Easter garden, please could you bring them to the churchyard between 10.00 and 12.00 on the morning of Maundy Thursday, 1st April. Small, colourful flowers would be lovely, potted up in black or dark green flowerpots, preferably no higher than 4” … Continue reading Flowers for the Easter Garden

Easter Garden and Symbols of Hope

Hope and new possibilities are the themes for Easter. As we look towards a way out of the restrictions imposed by Covid, we are wanting the Easter Garden in front of the yew tree in the Churchyard to symbolise and reflect hope and new possibilities. Everybody is invited to bring a stone or pebble, representing … Continue reading Easter Garden and Symbols of Hope

April Dunkery Tidings Now Available

The April issue of the Dunkery Tidings are now available in the Village Stores. For those who have not yet renewed their subscription, please could you leave the fee of £4 and add your name to the renewal list, as I will have to notify the printers of the numbers for printing for May onwards. … Continue reading April Dunkery Tidings Now Available