BT Internet Advice

Many thanks to those of you who have already reported your internet problems to BT on 0800 917 050. I contacted them again this morning and explained 10 properties are now experiencing signal drop out.

Good news, I hope! BT have contacted Openreach who will be paying a visit on Friday morning this week to look into the problem.

Ruth Walker


John Bradley from the Dunkery Beacon Hotel emailed with some information he’s happy to share and which may prove useful:

From the time we moved to the village in 2012 we experienced a lot of problems with our wifi dropping out up to 20 times a day, which for a business like ours was not acceptable.  We contacted BT, but also put out emails asking if anyone in the village had had issues. It turned out to be a very common problem and BT would only act on individual complaints, not as a class action.  They ran through a series of tests on download/upload speeds, etc, plus our physical connection and all appeared to be ok on that side of things, but they could never explain why we experienced so many drop outs.

In the end we changed to a different provider (Zen) who offered better service and advice, and since then we’ve have experienced very few issues (even though Zen use the BT lines for this service).  Despite having the BT fibre optic junction box town in Lower Town, we are not connected to it, but actually come off the junction box at Timberscombe.  If you are connected to the newer junction box, you should be in a better position to get faster download/upload speeds.

It all boiled down to this advice;

  • Check all cabled connections to your router.
  • Position your router central to the room its located in, as corners are not favourable.
  • Make sure your router is well away from other electronic devices, especially if those other devices require a radio signal, wifi/gps signal. E.g. TV, PC/laptop, radio, washing machine, credit card payment machine (businesses), or bluetooth/wireless doorbell.  All these devices emit a frequency that interferes with your wifi and will cause dropouts.  Although it sounds like a tall order to keep the list of devices away from your router, it is only a matter of 3-4ft that is required.
  • Use relays to boost the signal around your building, especially as most of us live in houses with very thick walls. (We use TP Link)

For us at the hotel, the main issue was with our credit card machine and it now has to be kept in a separate room. The second issue was our smart TV, and just moving our second router a few feet away solved the problem.  I can imagine that many households all have a similar modus operandi, so these tips might be a step towards solving your issues.

If you’re thinking of changing providers, Martin Lewis recommends Plusnet as the best deal (but they are part of BT!).  Otherwise, the company we are using (Zen) was rated the No 1 broadband provider in a recent national survey.

Good luck!

John Bradley