Help With Getting to Vaccination Appointments

If you have not yet had your vaccination, it might be worth preparing in advance how you will get there. If you are not able to drive yourself, but you have a family member or friend who might be able to support you, it’s worth having that conversation now.

While many older and more vulnerable people will be able to attend a location close to their home, some will be relying on public transport. We are working with bus operators and community transport providers to help vulnerable residents to get to their COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

A free Somerset County Council Taunton town centre shuttle service has been launched to get people straight to their vital vaccination slot. The Covid vaccination shuttle bus service runs every 30 minutes from Castle Way in Taunton town centre to Taunton Racecourse. The seven-day a week service uses one of the Council’s fleet of minibuses and will help to support those who don’t drive and will link easily with other operators coming into the town centre. The shuttle service is set to run every day throughout March and April except for the following dates, when the vaccination centre is closed for race days: 4th, 15th and 23rd March; 8th and 21st April. The service starts at 8.20am each day, and will also serve bus stops along South Road and Shoreditch Road on route to the Racecourse. The last bus each day is at 6.05pm.  You can view the timetable here: Timetable

The shuttle service is reserved for those who have a pre-booked vaccination appointment at the Racecourse and this will be verified before passengers board the bus. Those using the service are recommended to catch a bus which is due to arrive approximately 10 minutes before their vaccination slot.

Current concessionary bus pass rules have been suspended, so now bus passes can be used on all public services before 9.30am. This came into effect from February 1st.

We are working with Community Transport and Slinky Demand Responsive Services across Somerset to allow free travel for bus pass holders when attending vaccination appointments. All Slinky services are currently operating. Please be aware that they may be operating a reduced service. Please contact service operators directly with any queries.  The number for West Somerset is: 01643 707090.

For further information about the vaccination programme in Somerset, use this link:

Andrew Doyle
Communications Officer
Somerset County Council