Easter Garden and Symbols of Hope

Hope and new possibilities are the themes for Easter. As we look towards a way out of the restrictions imposed by Covid, we are wanting the Easter Garden in front of the yew tree in the Churchyard to symbolise and reflect hope and new possibilities. Everybody is invited to bring a stone or pebble, representing a personal hope, which will be placed around the Easter Garden.

On Easter morning (4th April) at 11am there will be a short service by the yew tree, when the Easter Garden and the hopes of the village will be blessed and dedicated. It will even be possible for us to sing, outside, on this occasion. After this, there will be a Communion Service in Church for those who wish to attend.

Do please bring a stone or a pebble so that this can be a community celebration. You may want to write your hope on the stone or you could paint it, sculpt it or bring it plain, knowing that it reflects your hope. Ro Hoyte will be by the yew tree next Thursday from 10am, working on the Easter Garden, and she can receive your offering. Alternatively, you may prefer to bring it for the service at 11am on Easter Day. You are invited to bring something even if you are not able to come on Easter Day.

The Easter Garden will be in the Churchyard until Monday 12th April. It should be completed by Good Friday (2nd April) and, of course, it will look different from Easter Day. You are welcome to come to see it whenever you wish.

Please pass this information on to friends and neighbours who do not have access to the internet.

Brian Castle