Local Couple Chosen for Space Images

As part of NASA’s forthcoming Zephyrus mission, which will send out a tiny spacecraft to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, a search was conducted over three years to find a man and woman to represent the human race in pictorial form. The images on board Zephyrus may even be discovered by alien life-forms sometime in the future.

The Earth’s population has become older and fatter since the Voyager mission in 1977, and it was felt that this change should be acknowledged in the images. Wootton Courtenay couple, Marion Jay and Bill Hodgson, entered NASA’s selection process early on, and have now revealed that they have indeed been chosen as the optimum representation of the human race.

Bill said, “It has long been an ambition of mine to travel into space, and this way I can do it without getting out of my chair!” Marion was less keen to be blasted into oblivion, but Bill’s enthusiasm for the project eventually won her over. “I just hope we don’t get sucked into a black hole”, she commented.

Click here to see NASA’s images of our Wootton Courtenay space-travellers.