Skye’s is Re-Opening!

This Friday and Saturday, 4.00pm – 8.00pm

As the weather is warming up a little, the bar will re-open at the weekends in the garden. Yea!!

There are a number of rules to which we must adhere to ensure everyone is kept covid-safe:

  • In order to comply with NHS Track & Trace, every individual attending MUST sign in with name, time and contact details (or register on the shop QR code)
  • Everyone must wear face coverings to and from their seat & to use the bathroom
  • The 6/2 rule applies – maximum of 6 people in anyone group, or two households
  • In the case of Skye’s, a one-way system will operate. Please enter the usual door into the bar to sign in. Then exit to the garden to find a seat. To exit the property, please leave through the side gate.

To purchase a drink, you must find yourself a table. Once seated, you must now begin the challenging task of attracting the attention of a waiter/waitress. Several tactics can be employed here. One great way to elicit a reaction is to click your fingers and shout ‘Oi’ very loudly. Once this has been achieved, and you’ve dusted yourself down, place your order with the waiter/waitress. When your drinks arrive, please pay the waiter/waitress, but before doing so please consider a tip. These can range from, “You were a bit slow” to “I’ve waited twelve months for a warm, flat beer” or the more profound, such as, “Beer exists as no good story ever started with a salad”. If possible, please pay by card. The quality of the tip will affect where the waiter/waitress places the decimal point on the card machine – and possibly where they place your drink!

See you at the weekend!


Volunteer Waiters/Waitresses required

For Skye’s on Friday & Saturday 4-8pm. Come and be abused by fellow villagers in the comfort of Skye’s garden! Face coverings will be needed and uniform is at your own discretion/risk!! Please let me know if you can help

Thank you,