iPad for Sale

Shown is a very good condition iPad, the screen and back are as-new, and it comes with a brand new case. This is a 64Gb model which with the right SIM card lets you use it anywhere there is a phone signal. The full technical specifications can be found on the Apple website here.

The unit is suitable for browsing the internet, email, some games and many other things – but, this model dates back 9 years and is no longer able to install or run the latest apps – for instance it won’t install the BBC News app.

For anyone with simple needs and wants to keep in touch using email, messages and online websites whilst on the move, this could be the opportunity you’re looking for.

If you’re in the village you can pop down to Lower Town and take a look before you consider buying. The target price is £99.

Get in touch via the village website or contact me direct – Bill Hodgson.