Village Payment Device

Hello all,

The village has invested in a SumUp device which enables us to take contactless or chip & PIN payments as an alternative to cash.

SumUp Payments Device

This device can take payments using your contactless bank card, or using a chip and PIN card, and can be used wherever there is either WiFi or a phone signal. Payments are collected into a holding account and are then credited to the destination account in a lump sum. The SumUp service charges a 1.69% commission on each payment to fund the service, the device has no other charges.

By arrangement this device could be used by any club or group in the village who would like the ability to take non-cash payments.

We will trial this at the Theatre Club event on Monday night – if you prefer to avoid cash then please bring your cards and pay that way. If you’d like more information contact Bill Hodgson via the usual channels.

See you on Monday night!