Dates for Your Diary

June 2nd– 5th 2022: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration Weekend

The Parish Council and All Saints PCC have plans underway to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022. Beacons will be lit in Selworthy and Bossington along with 1500 others throughout the UK.

We’re thinking of basing the celebrations on the very successful Diamond Jubilee 2012 picnic on the playing field. The 2012 celebrations also featured competitions for the ‘Best Dressed House’ and ‘Best Jubilee Hat’, games, races, a Jubilee cake and a number of toasts (proclamations, not slices of!)

There will also be an informal ‘Songs of Praise for the Queen’ church service on Sunday, June 5th, 2022.

We are flagging this up in advance as we are aware that some of you may soon be planning your 2022 holidays or weekend breaks and wouldn’t want to miss the village celebrations. We would welcome ideas and suggestions, so if you would like to contribute and be involved in the planning please contact me on

Ruth Walker