Improvements to Recycling Plastics

For those who may not be aware, Tesco has recently extended the type of soft plastic items that can be accepted for recycling in their store. Previously, only soft, stretchy plastic items such as carrier bags, bread bags and toilet roll packaging could be recycled in their store.

They will now also accept non-stretchy soft plastic items for recycling such as fruit, vegetable and salad bags, and the plastic film tops of meat trays and fruit punnets. Pet food pouches and cling film can also be recycled there. The best news, however, is that crisp packets can, at long last, be recycled somewhere!

Sadly, these items will not be included in the revised SWAT Council Recycle More doorstep collections to be introduced in our area next year, but it’s no great effort to collect these items at home and take them to Tesco. Every little helps.

Mike O ‘Keefe