Book Launch at Skye’s

Saturday 4th December 10.00am – 1.00pm

Dear Wootton Courtney folk,

As a resident of your neighbouring hamlet of Tivington, I’m grateful to Andy Giles for helping me contact you in Wootton Courtney to tell you about the launch for my novel, ‘What We Have in Common’, on its publication day on 4th December. It’s being held in Skye’s Bar from 10am till 1pm.

The novel is written particularly for a teenage readership, though if you aren’t a teenager, you should not be put off reading it.

If you’re passing by, or you’re in the shop that morning, or you’re simply curious about what a book launch is like, please drop in. Copies of the book will be shyly nestling next to coffee/tea and cake and there is no presentation or talk, you just call in and say hello, meet the book, consume a bit of cake, and that’s it.

If you did want to have a copy of the book, you will be asked for a cash donation to Parkinson’s UK, the Parkinson’s Disease charity, but there is no expectation that you buy one, of course.

Oh, and did I mention the book’s title? I’ll mention it again; ‘What we have in common’, familiarly abbreviated to WWHIC.

Thank you,

Jane Allsopp