Wootton Courtenay Villagers’ Stores

As many of you are aware, our resident shopkeeper Andy has told us that after over 4 years as our tenant, he has decided to move on in a different direction with his career. Andy has done sterling service during an unprecendented time in our history, made a real difference to the village with the introduction of the bar, and become an important member of our community. We thank him.

The Board of Directors of WCVS Co Ltd is in the process of advertising for a new tenant, and will be putting adverts in the local press initially, but we would be very interested to hear from anyone – maybe a relative, family friend or previous visitor to the village – who would perhaps like the opportunity to live in this wonderful part of the world, to run their own business and become part, and a very important part, of our very special village.

A 6 year lease will be offered, at a rent of £5,500 per annum, which includes the shop premises, bar, garden, and the 2/3 bedroom accommodation. The tenant will also become an employee of the Post Office, which attracts a salary of £4000 per year, with a requirement to open the Post Office for 4 mornings a week.

Initial contact may be made to:
The Company Secretary
Wootton Courtenay Villagers’ Stores Co Ltd
Ruth Walker
Wootton Courtenay
Minehead TA24 8RE
or email: ru.walker12@btinternet.com