Changes to Village Hall Booking Arrangements

After many years of excellent work, Lizzie Dunn has decided to hand over her role as booking clerk for the village hall. I’m sure that anyone who has made a hall booking during Lizzie’s tenure will agree that she has done a terrific job, and on behalf of the hall committee I would like to express our sincere gratitude.

Dee Binnie has kindly volunteered to take over as the hall’s booking clerk, with the handover from Lizzie to Dee taking place between now and the end of this month. Meanwhile, any booking requests for April onwards should be emailed to, please.

A new online booking system is being introduced from 1st April, although it will still be possible to make bookings via the email address shown above. Instructions for using the online system will be provided on the hall booking page of the village website towards the end of March. There will also be an introductory session for all our regular hall hirers to familiarise them with this new easy to use facility.

Alan Rowe