Village Appeal for Ukraine

We all know how fortunate we are living in this lovely village. Please could we search our homes to find at least one item which can be sold to aid the people of the Ukraine in their hour of desperate need? Andy already has the Post Office appeal in the village shop, making it easy for us to pay money directly to the good cause. He can keep a tally for us so we know how much we have raised.

Terry and I would like to start it off by offering our beautiful canted cupboard. It is part of the coveted National Trust Limited Edition produced by Wood Brothers, Old Charm. With gorgeous hand carving and dainty proportions it is ideal for a cottage, or indeed any home where quality vintage furniture is welcomed. It has been kept well polished and is in beautiful condition (see picture below).

Dimensions: Width 77 cm; Depth 35 cm; Height 82 cm. You are welcome to come and view it. Best offer over £100 (the cupboard’s original price as new was over over £700. Recently one went for £380 on Etsy).

Contact me at or phone 01643 841004 to make an offer.

Marian Matthews