Western Power Compensation

I have today received a ‘Guaranteed Standards Compensation Payment’ letter from Western Power, along with a cheque for £75 as compensation for the loss of power for more than 48 hours due to Storm Eunice (from approx midday on Friday 18th February to approx 2.00pm on Sunday the 20th February). You can read the letter via the link below:

If you go onto the compensation page of Western Power’s website (the address is in paragraph 3 of the letter) they say they will issue payments as necessary, and that if you have not received a letter from them then you can make a claim using the appropriate form, which will be available to customers from the 4th April 2022. The original date was 24th March but has since been put back to 4th April, presumably due to the backlog.

I rang their General Contact Enquires number as detailed on the website – 0800 096 3080 – on Monday this week and spoke with a very helpful and apologetic Mr Gurpreet. He took particulars and the cheque came in this morning’s post.

Brian Matthews