Wootton Courtenay Pre-1947

The aerial photo Bill posted yesterday will probably date to circa 1935, as the Coronation Ring on Wootton Common looks very fresh and clear. The Ring was instigated to celebrate King George V’s Silver Jubilee. Originally it was planted with indigenous oak and ash trees, which were eventually overtaken by the plantation of conifers put in after the war. These were harvested around 10 to 12 years ago and part of the Coronation Ring was inadvertently felled in the process by the uninformed but enthusiastic tree-fellers.

George Burnell stopped the Forestry Commission in their tracks, told them about the Ring and, after lengthy consultation with the National Park, it was decided rather than keep half a ring of mature oak and ash, it would be completely felled and the ring was replanted as per the original 1935 scheme.
(I think that’s just about what happened but the Parish Council were involved and they will be able to correct any of the above.)

Paddy Parnell