Village Meeting in the Hall

The village meeting to discuss the current problems surrounding the Villagers’ Stores will be held in the Village Hall on Thursday 9th June at 7.30pm. The meeting is open to all residents of Wootton Courtenay and to all shareholders – people will be asked to sign in.

The aim of the evening is to open up the subject and enable the village as a whole to understand the complexity and full extent of the situation. It is not a debate from which an agreement can be reached or a binding vote taken, and we should not expect a quick fix. Authoritative changes do, after all, lie with the shareholders and not with a general village meeting.

I shall act as a neutral chairman, and should not be seen as a judge or arbitrator. My role is simply to facilitate the discussion and keep order. There will be plenty of opportunity for those present to ask questions or to express points of view. I hope that the meeting will take place in a spirit of goodwill and cooperation.

Patrick Hoyte