VE / VJ Commemorative Booklet

Can You Help With Sponsorship?

Villagers will know that, at the Parish Council’s suggestion, events are planned around the 75th Anniversary of VE Day (8th May), including a Village Hall exhibition, as part of a national commemoration.

Importantly, villagers’ and their families’ memories of WWII (not forgetting VJ Day, 14th August) will appear in a booklet.  Work has begun, and will continue, to produce and print a stylish, enduring booklet.  Many villagers will doubtless want to buy a copy, perhaps more, for their families.  The price will depend on numbers and size but printers, like bookmakers, must be paid before the race – for us, the sale – begins.

Sponsorship is therefore needed; several hundred pounds in all.  Would anyone prepared to offer some sponsorship, in the spirit of Wootton Courtenay generosity – and for a grateful mention in the printed booklet – please let any of the following know?  All can provide any further information needed.

Ruth Walker –

Tony Farmer – or 841728

Peter Clapham – or 841578

Roger Carrick – or 841060