Film Night: A Good Liar, Monday 17th at 7 for 7:30

Our next feature film is The Good Liar, starring Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren in a game of cat and mouse (not literally).

Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian

Mirren plays a retired, well-off widow called Betty McLeish looking for decorous romantic companionship from a silver-years dating website. She finds herself set up for lunch with roguish old charmer Roy Courtnay (McKellen) who enchants her with his twinkly-eyed naughtiness, and, even though Betty can see he’s a little bit improper, she’s no prig and likes a laugh.

Peter also said:

This mystery thriller is outrageous and irresistible, an old-fashioned drama with dashes of Patricia Highsmith, Patrick Hamilton, John le Carré and maybe Elizabeth Jane Howard’s memoir Slipstream. It features delicious performances by Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen – I don’t think McKellen has had such a juicy role since his turn in the 1998 drama Apt Pupil – and the film has such storytelling gusto that you’ll overlook bits of implausible silliness.

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All welcome, £6 on the door. Licensed bar and tasty ice cream. I’ll also arrange for the rain to stop.