A Message From Beate


Beate passed on this message which you can listen to by clicking on the Play triangle immediately below, or read the text.

Dear Woottonians

Spring Equinox is with us marking equal time and light for night and day. For me one more reason to reflect on what is at present happening all around us –  this unusual swift and often full of drama fear based scenario caused by COVID 19.

As a health practitioner I am in the middle of it too…I am listening to the expressed fear as much as sensing the hidden subconscious anxiety of what might happen next… There are many reasons we should be careful and monitor our own actions such as washing our hands more frequently and avoiding the proximity of large groups of people, YET there is something else I wish to point out to you !

I want to shine a torch of a very important fact – the importance of our state of mind reflected in the level of health our body can express. It is well proven that our Immune System responds according our emotional state of being. A life based on compassionate understanding and love for one another as well as seeing challenges in life as possibilities for growth within ourselves and paths to new horizon opens doors to higher heart vibrations. Those higher vibrations do stimulate all our body functions , including and foremost important  right now – our Immune System, and keep them in balance and harmony with each other . 

So we can do a lot to be and stay healthy indeed ! 

I want to remind you it is your choice to be mindful, to step back from the loud hussle of world and reflect on what is truly important to you – see the beauty of Mother Earth that surrounds us!

When I came to live in Wootton Courtenay 3 years ago I could sense  some special qualities that have been kept alive within Wootton…. –  the sense of caring community, the love for nature and respect for diversity and otherness, humour and curiosity for the New, the Unknown…

In times of uncertainty we can use these qualities like a well of flowing living waters. Each one of us can dip into , use them as a tonic, replenish and steady our steps into the future!

Wishing all of you a lightful time ahead!