Marian’s Reply

Dear folks, we are staggered
To read your fine rhymes,
To hear Wootton’s no laggard
In these trouble times.

We read with amazement
The noise which you made.
We send joyful appraisement,
But you’ve left us dismayed.

For here we were lonely
We heard not one sound,
We’re not speaking baloney,
Can an explanation be found?

Did the wind change direction?
And blow the wrong way?
Or did it make circumspection,
And take it away?

Our hearing’s been tested,
By Spec-savers no less,
Much time we’ve invested,
But can make not one guess.

But yes, we are praising,
Dear Andy and friends,
Our glasses we’re raising,
To make our amends.

And thanks we send winging,
To our great volunteers,
The relief they are bringing
In quelling our fears.

One more thing we are saying
Now we’ve run out of rhymes,
Thanks for the love you’re displaying,
In these troubled times!

Marian Matthews,

With apologies to Pam Ayres