Dunkery Tidings, May 2020

Due to the restrictions of the current lockdown, the Editor of of Dunkery Tidings has decided to publish the magazine on the Wootton Courtenay and Timberscombe websites for the time being, rather than deliver paper copies.

The May issue of Dunkery Tidings is available to read here:  Dunkery Tidings May 2020
Please see corrections below.

Correction 1 – page 5:  instead of ‘For April Dunkery Tidings, final copy please by 7pm on 18th May’, it should read ‘For June Dunkery Tidings, final copy please by 7pm on 18th May’.

Correction 2 –  page 12:  please disregard the cleaning rota for Wootton Courtenay Village Hall.  The village hall is currently closed, so there is no need for anyone to clean it at present and the rota will restart when lockdown is lifted.

Correction 3 – page 13:  the Wootton Courtenay Flower and Produce Show information should have an additional paragraph:

This year’s show is scheduled for the 4th of August, subject to government advice on social distancing due to coronavirus.  If the show is unable to go ahead as planned, photographs and needlework may be kept by and submitted for judging at next year’s show, so don’t let the crisis get you down – get your creative juices flowing.