Wootton Courtenay Gardening Club Talk

Tuesday 28th June, 7.30 pm

Ben Candlin (of Adventurous Plants Nursery)

Subtropical Gardening in the UK

Admission – Members free, Guests £3

This month’s Gardening Club talk in the village hall will be given by nurseryman Ben Candlin. His lecture kicks off with a run through the history of subtropical gardening in the UK, from its Victorian origins through to the present day. Ben will then recommend a variety of winter-hardy plants which can be used to create a subtropical or exotic effect in a British garden, and explain how best to grow and display them.

Ben runs a small mail-order nursery in Exmouth, specialising in aroids (the giant, smelly Amorphophallus titanum in Kew Gardens is one such plant). His nursery stocks a selection of rare, unusual and inspiring plants, designed to make a statement in the garden. He is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker, and hopefully he will bring some plants for sale, too.

If you’d like to order any plants from Ben’s nursery, he can bring them to the hall when he gives his talk. Go to https://adventurousplants.co.uk to find out what’s on offer.

Marion Jay