‘Take Three Girls’ Returns in ‘Fallen Angels’

We are thrilled to be performing another Coward classic with Exmoor based actors and musicians.

Croydon Hall is our destination again after two hugely successful performances there last year. This time we are becoming the Hall’s resident theatre company for July, performing for four nights in the renovated barn in the beautifully landscaped grounds.

A pre-performance dinner is offered in the performance space and tables are arranged for cafe-style theatre. Whether you are dining as well, or coming for the performance only, booking is essential. This is an exclusive experience and numbers are limited.

Last year we encouraged our audience to come dressed in their finest 20s/30s garb. Oh, the top hats and tails, and sequined flapper dresses! It was marvellous theatre even before the curtains went back. It’s not a requirement, but if you like dressing up this is the most fantastic opportunity.

As for the play: when Julia and Jane are in a ‘heart to heart’ mood, struggling with ‘rank boredom’, the absence of their ‘exceedingly nice husbands’ away playing golf, might be the most opportune, or perhaps dangerous moment, for a visit from a French, very charming, ex-lover. Love, marriage, sex and lies…but the truth always comes out!

Jen Warwick